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Susan, Yes, the ad as you presented it in the weekly ezine is very good. Thank you. And, of course, anything you can do to increase responses I appreciate. Indeed, you are very good at what you do--advertising. You obviously know it well... Active World, which is, right now, my main source for Solo Ads! Thanks, again. Alan http://alaninronan.com/JoinMyTeam

Thanks so much for all your help. Also this is my first time ever running a solo ad so I am glad you worked with me and gave me a good experience working with u. Matt Montgomery

I really enjoy doing business with you. Not only are you affordable for beginning marketers, you communicate very well. I can't say that of all the e-zine publishers I've dealt with.
Thanks, Jason

I am doing well, and thank you for taking time out to write me. I look forward to all the great information you provide as well as your services. You are a class act. Look forward to building relationship with you and your company. Larry http://www.LarryEllis.ws

Thanks so much Susan... you have a Great Ezine! Steve

Solo Ad Looks great ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciate you keeping me informed. It is nice to work with someone so professional. MaryLynn G

I value your time and input. Your service to me has been far past any other e-zine I have worked with. It is worth it to me to make sure that everyone who puts in hard work is rewarded. Have a great day, and I hope you are very well. Mishkin http://www.adminder.com/c.cgi?mishkin&DOE234

I appreciate all you have done. It shows you truly care when you remove spam filters, etc. I'm very impressed with your company and service. Your company is my 'Gold Nugget' of Ezines. Sonja Solaro, Master Internet Marketer, Elite Award Winning Mompreneur, Home Internet Business Coach My Personal Blog: http://www.SonjaSolaro.com

Thank you for all your help, I appreciate all the great response from you. Keep up the great work! Kalyn http://www.MySecretToYourSuccess.com

I understand the amount of work publishers undergo and I am grateful for the time you took. Thank you, Your support and help is very professional. Have a great day, Mishkin http://www.adminder.com/c.cgi?mishkin&DOE234

Hi Susan, Thank you very much. Excellent customer service :-). I am so grateful I stumbled upon your website and you really surprised and impressed me with the excellent customer service you have. I definitely will order more from you :-). Thank you. Warm regards, Shahida

Awesome, thank you Susan, I want to be placing a solo ad each month. You guys rock!! Your Partner in Success, Gigi Fernando, Social Media Specialist

WOW, You're making me look like a professional..... Thanks! This ad is perfect in every sense. Troy Boydston

First I want to take the time to say thank you Susan for considering a look at my ad and personalizing it the way you did to make it look more appealing. I am very happy with your service and I have been receiving prospects and even several sales. I will be ordering my third solo ad. Thanks again and God Bless Sincerely, Arnaldo

Susan, once again thank you so much for your service, for the people that opt-in to learn my business were real people willing to learn. Ramon Bello http://www.empowernetwork.com/Bello/

I am looking forward to trying some more solo ads in your newsletter. I expect to be placing ads on a regular basis, monthly. My first ads got respectable traffic to my affiliate page-enough to encourage me to keep it up with other offers. Thanks, Millard

Hi Susan, just wanted to thank you for running my ad in your ezine, I know it was a bit long but you are very kind and generous to show it the way I sent it. Really love your ezine and look forward to receiving it every week, you all are real pros. Lord Bless! Thanks Val

Everything looks good. Thank You so much for your professional service. I really appreciate it.
ALOHA, Chase C.


Within the below testimonials are references to Vector Central, which was our previous website. We have moved our business to ActiveWorldNews.com and ActiveWorldCyberCafe.com after having been on sabbatical for two years. VC was established in 1999 and we worked until 2013. In 2015 we opened Active World Cyber Cafe and Active World News. We thank those of you who have rejoined us and those of you who are new with us.
To Your Success! --Susan and Bill Nichols

Thanks Susan, this is going to be very helpful to me in the future. I have learned a lot since joining you. Troy Boydston

Review of Solo Ad Service:
By: Home Business Opportunity News www.homebizoppnewsletter.com/review14.html
...My solo ads resulted in 25-35 high quality clicks each, far exceeding my expectations in regards to the CTR. One of the ads generated a $40 sale and another generated 7-10 highly targeted leads for me to follow up later for back-end sales...
I found Vector Central Ezine [our previous ezine - now Active World News Ezine] to have the BEST customer service out of any other services tested thus far. Because they more than exceeded my expectations, I cannot give any less than a perfect 10 for customer service.

The traffic stats for this 2nd solo is impressive. 445 clicks from your traffic source for today, the day it went live. Kumar

Great job with the solo ad. I saw better results than I was anticipating and your customer service is terrific. Anyone looking for a solo ad vendor should definitely consider you! Steve Hawk Blog: WhoIsSteveHawk.com

I found your Ezine to have the BEST customer service out of any other services tested thus far. Because they more than exceeded my expectations, I cannot give any less than a perfect 10 for customer service. www.homebizoppnewsletter.com/review14.html

Solo Ad Client: ...We will also be offering affiliate opportunities for affiliate marketers as well as the necessary affiliate tools to market our site. We would like to start marketing campaigns with you, and want to include you in our affiliate marketing tools section on our website. You guys have always been honest and looked out for our best interests. We are excited and ready to get started....

Thank you sooo much Susan. Not only did you save and protected my ad, you have also done an amazing job by getting my ad a high chance of getting through to the recipient inbox. See, since I started to run this very important campaign I have bought a couple of solo ad spaces and so far you're the only person who has done amazing job by at least getting into your list inbox folders. I know my ad is very long but I never knew when an ad is that long it might have chance of landing in the spam folder. Once again, thank you Susan and I'm glad that I joined you. Henry Yeboah

This is a high quality ezine and a very well thought out way of providing advertising on the internet. It has class and great designs; I know others feel the same way. Laraine says, we have always valued your opinion and feedback. Frank "Bud" and Laraine Russman

Solo Ad Client: You are a true artist! You have done a fantastic job on the solo ad ...your clarity, your ability to articulate beautifully and your great sense of responsibility and loyalty towards your subscribers and friends.
Thank you! D. More http://Ayurvedic-Remedies.net http://www.mi-esquina.com

Thank you for your very prompt and personal attention to my Solo Ad. You have made my ad look superb so I anticipate a great response. Your unique and dedicated service put a smile on my face!
I do not see even the smallest detail that I would change, and your email did land in my Inbox so we are good to go. And thank you for placing my ad in your Income Leads Directory...what a great bonus. Ray

I was very pleased with my past experience working with you and look forward to more good results. Carole M

I can't thank you enough. You're just amazing!
I look forward to working with you in more projects. God bless, AJ Steve

I like it. That looks really professional ... I think it should do great. -
Thanks - I can see you are proud in what you do. I think I should get a lot of clicks from this campaign. I hope to be back for more... ๐Ÿ™‚ John M.

That is Absolute Art... I MAY see 1 in every thousand emails that even come close to this!
Beautiful Work...Thanks again! -Randy

I saw the ad and it is one of the best looking solos I have ever seen! Thanks, Mike

We have had really great results, and compared to others we've researched, yours is a Standout Ezine! Thanks again for all you do! You Rock! Frank Russman

....whichever one sounds the best in the ad. We trust your advice.... I know the solo ads cost more but they work! Margo

Vector, you made me money the last time. John Homnack

...That's so kind of you to offer to republish (during the recession) for those who aren't getting adequate results. You always go that extra mile - above and beyond - for your clients. You will have many repeat clients because of that - and they will tell others who will tell others about your wonderful service!! That's huge - you running your company with such great integrity.
That's why I contacted you again a whole year later from the first time. I remembered your kindess and your wonderful service. And now look what happened - I've gained a wonderful friend! Sue

I did receive the draft and it is perfect thank you. Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Your customer service is impeccable. I have not experienced this kind of service in my time submitting ezine solo ads.... Sincerely, Cynthia

The ad is wonderful. I think you capture my words really well. This is why I always come to you, because you deliever for me every time... Once again thank you for a job well done. This is the best online advertising I have ever come across and have used. God bless you and thank you once again for your wonderful lay out work. Robert Ellis

Thank you for being so professional. You have the best Quality service and one of the best ezines I have seen. Keep up the great work. Thanks a million, Frank & Laraine Russman

Taken from my Face Book page:
Anyone with a business should seriously consider using this service. Their talent and customer service is 5-Star! I'm working with them right now, and have never had the "personal touch" like they provide with my online business marketing needs. They are helping me promote and their determination to help me succeed is commendable! Sandy Stewart

I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for your superior customer service! It's truly a pleasure doing business with you, and your personal touch is much appreciated!
Have a great day, Jean Young

...I got around 450 Visitors and 4 sign ups from a single campaign. The results were good for me, but most importantly, I got great serviceโ€ฆ Lou Daigneault

8 signups in the first 24 hours. Vector Cental Marketing rocks! Thanks again! Patty Scheeler

My compliments on the way you set up my ads. I send out a lot of ads and no one takes the time to doctor them up like you do... Carl

You have been a great help to someone who is new to this world to advertising. You did a terrific job with my ad and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again, Octavio

I did receive the draft copy of my ad. It's perfect! Of course that's no surprise to me. Having sent you ads before this, I know you never settle for anything less than your best effort and my complete satisfaction. Thank you for your prompt and friendly service. I'm expecting my usual great results from advertising with you. My best regards, Ray Wentz

I received my ad copy and you did a fantastic job. I wouldn't change a thing. This is my first ad with your company and i like the way you do business. I think i've found someone i can depend on. William

Thanks again. I already have several opt ins with the first solo ad. If I had known this would work so well I would have ordered sooner. Can't wait for my 2nd solo. I will order again after my second ad on Thursday. Thanks again. Regards, Andrew Moss

Thank you, this was my first attempt advertising and using solo ads, I believe I'm learning some things, I've had responses ... thank you for all your help, support, and encouragement. You offer exceptional service(s). Thank you again. Terence

Ok, thank you. Your customer service is among the best I have received. I guess you never get tired of hearing that because I'm sure you hear it alot if you give others the same great service you gave me. Lee Burch

Thank you. I think that you did a wonderful job on the ad, and believe that it is ready to be sent out. I am impressed by your service, and how you review all ads to try to avoid spam filters. It looks like you have picked up a regular customer, and I will be recommending you to other members of my business. Have a wonderful day! Linda

I have to say, your service is first class! Very prompt, professional & just great really! Best Regards, Jamie

Thanks for the reply. I am currently in the Philippines on vacation but I will definitely take a monthly subscription very soon. Your Newsletter is by far the most responsive one I have used and the content is fabulous. Have a great day. Nate

I just wanted to drop you a fast note here and let you know>The ad we just ran is giving great response. I am glad that people are beginning to see that I say what I mean and I mean what I say. This one is a winner... Once again thank you for the part you played in making the ad really stand out.You are now on my main list of advertising sources. Robert Ellis, Income Earning Specialist

The solo ad looks good as always. Thanks again my campaigns with you have been a great success. Robert Ellis Income Earning Specialist

I enjoy working with you and look forward to placing many more ads with you. Thank you for taking part in my success and for providing a great service for all of us! Cydney

Thanks for the great article on phishing. I'm sure this has put all your subscribers on high alert - for their own safety. Fyi - I save your ezines for referencing later for it contains a great range of topics - internet marketing, food, health, inspiration. Thanks. Jerome

Wow, my ad is now perfect! You continue to amaze me with your expertise. In fact, you have now taken the meaning of "excellent customer service" to a whole new level! Who would have believed you could overcome the shortcomings of the Yahoo email system with special programming of your own? Well, seeing is believing! ...no one else comes close to what you do! Thank you so much, Ray Wentz

I had great success with my last solo ad from you and a Big thanks to you. I want to run another one and this time it will be a clickbank product. Thanks.Randall Lustre

Thanks for the free ad!
I really like doing biz with you and will continue to recommend! Cheers, Patty

Thank You. I am thrilled to have won a Free Sponsor Ad this week. I value your Ezine and look forward to receiving it each week, it is very well presented and formatted appropriately with informative and 'real' content. Praise to you also for the inclusion 'Insights of Inspiration'. Best Wishes,Richard Farleigh

Just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is working with you and your company...
The quality and the cost of a product are always part of the deal, but most often than not it is the quality of the service that will determine the outcome of the first sale you make and, more importantly, the repeat sales that will follow. You got them all; a great product at a fair price and a SUPERB SERVICE! Your work ethics -- offering full support, making sure to inform your clients, stay in touch, ask for how else can you help -- are admirable and rare commodities these days.
Keep on the Good Work, David More http://Ayurvedic-Remedies.net http://www.mi-esquina.com

I have been involved in internet marketing for quite a few years and have tried many advertising companies. I have to admit that you are without a doubt the easiest, most competent and most professional person I have ever dealt with. If you ever need a reference or testimonial please do not hesitate to contact me. Thinking about it....I don't even know what the results of my latest ad will be and still thrilled with you to the point that I am writing to you. Kudos! Keep up the great work! Frank Shaffer

Thank you. I want you to know that I am very pleased with you attentive spirit and I appreciate the time you take to communicate with me. Warmly, Tod Dale

The solo ad looks great and it made it into my Inbox. I must say your customer service is excellent. Other companies I've worked with do not check for spam filters. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ James Wallace

Thanks so much for the contest ad. I just finished reading todays ezine and as usual, a good read. The ad looks great too. Again, thank you for the ad and for a great ezine.

I hate to keep repeating myself but this is still one of the best, informative Internet Marketing ezines published today. Have a great day Ed Rizzo, DPD Marketing

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the results of the two Solo Ads you published for me. The response was terrific and good quality. Your PERSONAL attention to both the ads AND the advertiser is unmatched in this industry. I am now wanting to publish another Solo Ad. Joe Keibler

Thank you. I got great response to my solo ad..... I'm really pleased! I would like to do another solo ad. Thanks again. Joanne Otts

The ad looks terrific! Great job, I do not want to change anything. Thanks for doing the spam-check. I usually do that but I was in a hurry and forgot, so thanks. BTW, I will subscribe. I am impressed with the way you look after your subscribers and advertisers. Paulette Deitz

Thank you very much for all of your emails. You know, I really love what you've done with my copy. It looks really great and I feel I'll get a lot more clicks this time around. Again, your work is excellent, second to none. No question! It's up to my program to do the rest. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Again, Derrick Nylander

I LOVE IT! You have been so expeditious. I will certainly continue working with you in the future. Your advice and recommendations have spared me enormous time and frustration which every business owner values. Let's fly with this ad. Patty

Both Ads look terrific! Thanks for the changes in the text to assure passage through the filters. You maintained the impact of the ad and also made it acceptable to the censors. Great Job! Joe Francis

Thanks for all the great resources in your cool ezine. Every issue has me doing something new and exciting to improve myself, my business and my webpages. Keep cranking these top notch newsletters out and never. I repeat, never stop designing your ezine the way you do. It's a pleasant reading experience. Love Your Work! John Terry

My Ad looks great...I like the changes that were made. You did a great job. You really know how to make an Ad stand out. Thank you!! Sincerely, Craig Warren

It's absolutely beautiful! You do such a professional job and I know I found the perfect company to work with. Thanks for all the work you're doing. Amy Sun

I had good response last solo. I did comparing it to another ezine I tried, hence I am back ... Mandy

Your genuine concern for the success of your subscribers and advertising clients shows in the excellent choice of business-building articles you carry in every issue. Interesting editorials too. Thank You. Jerome

Thank-you. I have enjoyed working with you and hope to continue to do so in future. Bindya

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your excellent service, the response rate was great. I'll definitely use your service again. Fred Kang

I just have to say wow! and thank you! I have many leads already from my solo ad, and it just went out this morning. I'm really pleased with these results, and will be advertising with you again. Joanne

Thanks again!!! I love your ads!! Good marketing to you! Bryan T Barker

I just thought I would come back to what I know works. Wendel Bickett

Life on your ezine really is good and getting better! I don't know how you do it all. You have many clients and almost 4000 subscribers. I am very pleased with what you are doing for Colleen and me. All I can say is your work really is better than awesome! You are appreciated. Carvel

I have read you guys for several years -- super ezine~! You are "tops" professionally speaking~! Mike Dodd

I am very pleased with your service and professionalism, prompt reply etc. I will certainly be referring you and your company to anyone I know who is interested in promotion of their opportunities. Kind Regards Lester e.a.Wilson Thanks a lot!!!

Excellent service - and great webmaster. Your care to detail is appreciated! Robert C. Milne

I just want to say thank you, for the new bonus you thought up for us, your subscriber's. A Top Sponsor Ad is right-on. You two are really great! You always think of something new to surprise us with each week. Thanks again Bill and Susan. Your the best! Jim Hinck

This is my first issue of your ezine and already it's one of my favorites! It's set out really well, it's crisp and clear, which makes it easy to read. The chance to win a free middle sponsor ad every week is great, and getting to place a free ad every week is a real bonus. Thanks for producing such a good ezine! Jennie

I ran the exact same solo ad to your subscribers, and one to another site. This guy sent over 5 million emails to his list and again, the ad to your ezine and his were identical and the exact subject line. With your ezine, I got 4 sales, with his I got zippo, nada, nothing, less than one--well you get the idea. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you want because your ezine is and will remain the tops in my opinion. 5 million vs. less than 4,000. All The Best, Darryl Graham http://www.ad-alyzer.com/727/CV023

VectorCentral never fails to amaze. Imagine being remembered only for having posted free ads with you, No wonder you get so many testimonies from satisfied paying customers. Great Job Susan, Warm Regards, Jerome

Still getting hits to my websites from your testimonial page! Love it! Peg Bastin

Keep up the good work, this is the best advertising that I've found on the internet in the past six or seven years that I have been on the the internet. Thanks again: Wendel http://tinyurl.com/26gu8a

I had so much success with the first Solo Ad sent to your subscribers, I couldn't wait to advertise again. Thanks-a-lot. Wendel

My ad looks perfect. Your professionalism and your commitment to excellence shines through in every facet. The subtle changes you made to my ad in order to get past the spam blockers is sheer genius! I know I'll get the usual outstanding results. Thank you! Ray Wentz

I like your customer service. I am new to online advertisement and have made 13 sales in one day. Thank you for your help. Adwin Ang

Yours is one of very few ezines to carry such a valuable contest for subscribers - Thank You! Jerome Dsouza

Contest Winner's Testimonial: Wow...What a nice surprise! Thank you. First you pamper me with your customer service, then send my ad to your very responsive list where I get a ton of targeted visitors, and now I get a free Solo Ad. My business can't help but be a success with you in my corner! -- Ray

...May I add that your customer service is second to none. You make me feel as though I am your most important VIP customer, and that my satisfaction is your highest priority. That's priceless. I'll be back! Ray

I love your solo ads. They are Awesome. I love the lay out of your newsletter and you are very professional. You are at the top of my favorite's and i will be a long time client. Katherine Ahching

Submit Your Feedback / Testimonial - We will post your website URL with your feedback, IF you are a customer or subscriber. This page is only for customers and/or subscribers.

"You may not remember but you were there for me when the website makeover turned for the worst, about a year ago. You stayed in contact with me helping me to get straightened out, then my husband (Durard) had found someone he wanted to redo the site. I will always be thankful for your kindness and for the way you truly cared about others. I continue to recieve you fantastic newsletter with great information that it has. Thanks again for helping us with suggestions on marketing, again you didn't turn us away. Have a Blessed Day!" Pam Smith, Weight Loss Variety

I do like your Ezine and the very interesting and informative content. Even as a pro, I find there is always something to learn, and "Phishing On The Pharm: was especially eye opening. It's always a pleasure to know that one's business advertising is in safe professional hands. My reason for chosing Vector is simple. I'm promoting my own new Internet Program and I wanted the best exposure possible. Having been a subscriber to Vector for a long time now, I knew exactly where I would obtain the best value and service. Thank you once again for a great content rich and interesting ezine, and for your attention at a very time important time in my Marketing career. My regards. Rodney

Thank you! You have always been so kind and very professional when I've purchased solo ads through your ezine and I do appreciate it very much! Talk about having a personal touch! You go above and beyond with your courtesy and help! Thanks a bunch! Diane

Very nice ezine BTW, great content and terrific! presentation. Cheers, Allan R James http://www.2tillprofit.com/rep/dadathome

You did a superb job and I'm/we're very pleased with the final product going out to the internet. You reference a great deal of knowledge about the filters, coding and tailoring the ad to pass the sp'am radars, etc., WOW, you have a wealth of insight to doing what most of us can only wish to use to get our information seen. Keep up the good work, on our behalf... I genuinely appreciate your abilities to launch my messages out to the WWW. Julie Barkley

I appreciate your service very much. I have had 13 people so far today go to my lead capture page and leave name, email address and phone #. The ad is working. That gives me a lot of work to do! I love it! My friend Colleen and I have been calling those people with extremely positive results! With great appreciation. Carvel R. Harward, retired attorney

I think it looks great! You did a really nice job with it. Let's give it a go to see what happens and then work from there. I will definitely be advertising with you again because you have been very helpful to me. I am going to recommend your ezine and advertising in one of my progress reports because I think your service is great.Thank you for all of your help. Lynn Quario

Submit Your Feedback / Testimonial - We will post your website URL with your feedback, IF you are a customer or subscriber. This page is only for customers and/or subscribers.

Wow! I am amazed and thrilled by your exceptional service! You have taken the "plain vanilla" ad I sent you and transformed it into an attractive, professional looking work of art. Thank you for making the necessary changes to achieve a more successful result. Please publish it just as you have it. Thank you so much. It is refreshing to make the acquaintance of someone who performs to such a high standard of excellence as you do. Sincerely, Ray Wentz

What an awesome Newsletter!! I came across it by accident. I'm so thankful I did. Keep up the great work!! Laurie Rector

Your e-zine is always interesting and full of the cutting edge businesses and advertising methods. Gerry Tancreda

I have been a subscriber of Interactive Marketing Ezine for quite a long time and it is one of the few ezines that I actually read. I have gotten many ideas for my own ezine from yours and also a few good ideas to use in my business. Ed Rizzo, DPD Marketing

Thanks for Your wonderful service. Am really pleased with the way u correspond with your customers. Looking forward to working with u soon again. James Busienei

Thanks for publishing that very important piece of coding to show the current page. For amateur website owners who regularly tinker with their sites this is vital. We keep improving, editing, correcting our web sites and all the visitor sees is some old cached page in all its broken glory.. Thank You, you're a great help to your subscribers. Jerome http://tinyurl.com/m26cv

This ezine is absolutely the best! I have thanked you before and I thank you again. Through tips/articles etc in your ezine, you have provided me with a constant array of marketing strategies which, when applied, indeed reap results. I personally recommend VCM to all. Richard Farleigh==>

You know I was thinking just yesterday.... I actually read ads that come from you...... most ads I just delete without reading. Pam Murphy

Wow, what a great resource! My wife recommended your site to me and after reading your E-Zine, we have reconsidered a lot of our online marketing. Thanks! Ray Jackson

Thank you so much! I most certainly recommend you to my team members. Great doing business with you. And look forward to it again. Victoria

You and your staff are always so helpful in placing and meeting my advertising needs, you go that extra mile to help make your advertisers to be successful. You all are #1 on my advertising list and I mean that sincerely. Marilyn Culver

You are so professional and so affordable in printing the solo ads. I want to thank you very much. You follow up so fast after a solo ad is placed with you. Myrna Erickson

Your e-zine is the only one I really take the time to read. Your insite into what home biz people and online marketers need is amazing. Keep up the good work Gerry Tancreda

Wow, thanks alot... I am very happy with your service. I received 7 new affiliates under me... I plan to use your sevice again and again. Forever....I am jumping up and down. Keep doing a great job.....:-) Dorthe Theka

"Thanks. I have already had more responses than any other campaign I have done!" Tod and Tod also emailed an hour later: " I ran an ad in an e-zine that claimed over 300,000 would receive the solo ad twice and that it would flood my business with customers. I paid $300 for that other service. Not only did it not flood my business, but I did not get one person check into my site. This morning I woke up to the fact that your solo ad had run for me and I was looking at 11 emails in my inbox already who had checked into my site. And I know there is more on the way. I am very happy and will be advertising again. Thanks so much." Tod Bell

Thank you so much!! I'm extremely happy with you guys and your customer service. You definitely have an advertiser for life in me! Michelle Brader

Thank You! You did wonderfully, just as I knew you would. I don't want to change a thing. Thank you also for the bonuses. AND thank you for last month's ads. We produced a sale from both of the products we were advertising last month and your ezine has proven to be THE BEST! I spent twice the money promoting the same products [on search engines] and got zip, zero, nada! I know where I am putting more of my efforts in the future -- and it isn't on search marketing. Karen Green http://goldgetternews.com/classifiedads.html

Everything looks great (solo ad). It's nice to know that you are here to help me & not just take my money. That means more to me than anything. Thank you. Craig Warren

Great Ezine. I love the format and your design that delivers info and comfort of reading thats second to none. Keep up the good work, Vernon Vernon Cook

I LOVE YOUR STYLE AS USUAL, YOU ARE GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO. You always know just how to change the wording and colors. You respond immediately and that is the Major reason I use you. Great customer service. Also I do get business from your ads. It looks great. Send it out just as it. Much thanks for all your kindness and geat supports Sheri Valle

WHAT A SUPERB JOB!!! The ad looks great, and you even chose a background that I would have chosen myself. I understand completely the editorial changes and I know you have created something that will get through most (if not all) of the filters. I am very pleased with all of the work you have done at such a great price. Thank you! I also agree with your choice of run dates and the opportunity to try the various days of the week over a course of time. I come from the print media (newspaper) industry so I understand your reasoning and don't want to change a thing about the schedule or the ad. Thanks again. Karen Green

The ad setup looks great. You are a breathe of fresh air. I truly appreciate your help in the placement on my ad. I'll feel great recommending your services to others, regardless how my ad succeeds your support is fantastic. Thank You. Warmest Regards, Ken

Thanks! Your customer support is excellent! All the best, Gabriel Aguinaga

Thank you for the draft. Everything looks great! I am so glad that I found you on the internet. You, by far, are the most professional that we have come across! Look forward to working with you. Johan Knies

Vector Center Marketing is giving the little guy (or gal) the opportunity to compete with the big boys! What could be better? Steve Colwell

Your e-zine looks great. I am impressed. Thanks. Loring Windblad

"You run a very professional business, I have placed ads with many other companies- and they do not answer emails or questions, it is very unusual to find an act as PROFESSIONAL AS YOURS! I am sure that I will use you again in the future. Thank you very much for all your help Susan. Also, your ads are much more affordable than the rest too. I will be sending a lot of my downline to your site to place their ads!! Again Thank you Very Much! Sheri - New Jersey !!

This is a great facility. Your service has helped me a lot with my business. Seamus Mcmeel

Thanks again for all your help and I wish all solo advertising was this simple with such outstanding customer service and attention to detail. I have of course book marked your site as I will be using it again in the future for all of my solo advertising. I am extremely happy with your service and your prices. It's so refreshing to get this kind of customer service. Michael Sherriff

The ad is just perfect... you always do such a wonderful job! And the service is superb! ...I sent in my request for my solo ad at approx. 5:19PM and the entire process was completed by 10:28PM of the same day! You folks really know how to get the job done right! Thank you again, Patti

Great Site!! You have done a great job. It's really a wonderful site. I will recommend it to my visitors also. Tina -

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When it comes to Solo Ads, this is the only ad source that Roberta and I have been using for Two main reasons: 1. The service you provide is second to none in our opinion! 2. We have yet to see an ad and background come across our desktop (and we get'em all) that we did not like. 3. We have had sucess with our ads in the past, and price wise you are very competitive if not cheaper than other ad sources for solo ads... Alton & Roberta Andres

This happens to be my first solo ad I have sent out. I made a thorough search for solo ads from Copernic Pro and found your site. Yours was right at the top of the list and I'm pleased in the way you have presented your whole marketing plan. It has a clean design and easy to read. Very nice! Thanks, Jeanette MacAdam

Email #1: Thank you so much for the free ad. I am just getting started with advertising and I printed out the webpage and plan to come back and use the paid ads. Thanks again. God Bless, Karen M. Baldwin Email #2: Thanks for writing. I'm impressed. Many people online have become so impersonal that it is nice to encounter someone who really cares. That along with the great advertising will in itself bring me back to use your services. I will definately send my business contacts to you. Karen M. Baldwin

Just to let you know ....the ad was a WINNER!! Got 5 sales straight out of it! I thank you with all my heart and look forward to advertise my other products as well. Cathy

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I must congratulate you on the beautiful way you present the solo ads. So many ads I just delete them without reading, but I always read yours because they are done so nicely. They would probably bring more readers for that reason. Thanks, Vera

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"...You have a very good concept with your newsletter and the design you give each ad....You go the extra mile for your customers and that is a rarity in business and especially on the Internet." Darryl Graham, Owner of ISORegister.com

Thank you for the GREAT JOB you did with my ad. I write very poor copy and you made me look like a professional. Thank you. Margaret

Your Ezine has EXCELLENT CONTENT and very creative Ad options for those who want to place an ad.Way to go! Shahid

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Thanks for the reply and the great service. FYI, Since I am still relatively new at all this, I've tried quite a few places to post my ads. That is how I found you. (My Lucky Day!!!) Of all the places I've tried, I like YOURS THE BEST. You are always helpful and it is obvious that you give 111% to doing your customers right. You will always be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED in any advertising resource statements I make to anyone. Hank Muller

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