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Today's guest author, Steve Shaw, gives important guidelines for how to engage your target market with content marketing. After visiting today's Spotlight Business, be sure to benefit from Steve's information.

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Engage your target market with Content MarketingFeature Article

Content Marketing: How To Write To Engage And Attract Your Marketplace
Guest Author: Steve Shaw

When you're writing content to attract readers to your website, think about your target market's wants in addition to their needs. This is the key to creating shareable, sticky, and truly useful content that will attract the maximum number of readers.

Remember, your content is competing with all the other content out there. In order to stand out from the pack, you need to look deeper at what your target readers want.

But how can you know the hidden desires of readers you've never met before?

I'm about to share with you the 6 things that every person in your target market is secretly and perhaps unconsciously looking for when they search for content online:

1 - Information that is easy to read.
For example:
-- Keep your paragraphs short. (It's harder to read big blocks of text on a computer screen.)
-- Make your content easy to scan.
-- Use numbered lists, bullet points and subheadings to lead the reader through your text.
-- Add suitable images to catch the reader's eye.

2 - Use language that is easy to understand.
Avoid industry terminology. Write at the level of understanding of your reader, and your content will be more valuable.

Remember, you're writing educational content, not a doctoral thesis!

3 - Stay on topic.
Determine a specific topic you will teach or question you will answer in your article, and stay focused. If you find that your writing is starting to go down a rabbit hole, get back on topic and edit relentlessly!

Save and develop your side thoughts into other articles.

4 - Convey your authority on your topic.
For example, if you're writing a medical article and you're a doctor, then allude to that in your content. This increases your audience's confidence in the information you present.

You can convey your authority in more subtle ways too--by presenting information that is helpful, accurate and clearly stated. You can also get "authority by association"--interview a person who is an expert in your field, and their authority can transfer to you.

5 - Write for a specific person.
Create an image in your mind of exactly who you're writing for--what are their interests, problems, fears? Are they family oriented? What line of work are they in?

By knowing who you're writing for, you can create content with a laser beam focus that grabs the attention of the exact types of people you want to attract.

6 - Stick with it over the long haul.
By creating content consistently and sharing it through your ezine, via social media and other channels, you begin to establish a level of comfort with your audience. They begin to feel like they know you, and they look forward to your communications.

By writing with these 6 concepts in mind, you're creating worthwhile content that has lasting value. You're not only addressing your reader's needs, but also satisfying their wants on a deeper level. When you do this, your content will stand out in a sea of writing on similar topics. Your readers are also much more likely to share your content, thereby multiplying the benefits of your efforts.

About the Guest Author: For over a decade, Steve Shaw has helped 1000s of businesses worldwide to build massive publicity using content. Find out how to build publicity for your business with his "Be Everywhere" Online Marketing Blueprint, yours FREE for a limited time - grab your copy now at

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