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Active World Online Marketing NewsIn This Week’s Edition:

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Greetings fellow marketer,

We hope this week is going well and we welcome our newest members. It is wonderful to have you onboard!

This week’s recipient of the free Spotlight Business is posted below. Be sure and visit the website and join. I have worked with Carolyn and she is an excellent entrepreneur. You will benefit from being on her team.

After Carolyn’s spotlight message, today’s article will give you an option that can boost your referrals and provide a new way to connect with members.

Thank you for reading!

Success to You!

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Acquire Referrals With Traffic ExchangeWhy Use Traffic Exchanges?

The main purpose for my using Traffic Exchanges is as a marketing tool. Traffic Exchanges can give you the means of gaining referrals with whom you can connect and lead to your online home business. This aspect is often overlooked by many.

There are many different opinions and controversies among entrepreneurs regarding Traffic Exchange programs. Some find them beneficial to increase traffic, while others do not. Like any website, product, program, software, or online service you have to research and choose the ones that are legitimate, moral, family-friendly, and have good reviews from current members. Two places to check reviews is: and

What are Traffic Exchanges?

The general viewpoint of traffic exchanges is that it allows its members to earn visitors to their online business by clicking on each other’s sites directly within the traffic exchange website. The process to do this is called surfing websites.Traffic credits can also be purchased through the program, as well as upgrading to a paid membership for increased benefits.

However, there is more than just clicking websites at the better traffic exchanges. The additional features are discussed below along with benefits, pros, and cons of Traffic Exchange programs. The right kind of Traffic Exchange can definitely increase your traffic and subscribers.

  • Build a List with Traffic Exchanges (TE):
    –PRO: With the right traffic exchange service, you can gain referrals by using the affiliate program and thus build a list of subscribers. Some exchanges will actually pay you a percentage or give you extra advertising credits.
  • Referrals Given to You:
    –PRO: Within the benefits of a few better traffic exchanges who allow you to build a list, they also will ‘give’ you referrals into your downline.
  • Send Messages to Your Referrals:
    –PRO: Some TE programs allow you to send messages to your own acquired referrals. Thus, you have a personal avenue to these members. You can gain the trust of your referrals and become professionally involved with them. Send them offers, articles, invitations to subscribe to your newsletter if you have one, join you at Facebook, Twitter, etc.  All that can be done through the system of the traffic exchange. No mailing service needed; all is built within your member account.
  • No emails in your inbox:
    –PRO: Unlike Text Ad Exchange programs, Traffic Exchange systems do not send hundreds of emails to your inbox.
  • Free or Paid Memberships:
    –PRO: Most TEs have a free level where you can advertise on a continual basis. Or you can upgrade for even better advertising options and membership benefits.
  • Backlinks & Article Submission:
    –PRO: There are traffic exchange services that offer the benefit of posting articles on their system. This can give you and your business more exposure, plus the benefit of good backlinks to your website (if you are using a trusted traffic exchange). If you submit your articles, be sure to add your copyright and guidelines for republishing. Even more backlinks can be gained by entering a quality profile in your account with proper links to your online business.
  • If a TE has Surfing, is Your Ad Actually Read?
    –PRO: There are plenty of the right kind of prospects to read your ad and visit your website. I personally have found some good programs through legitimate traffic exchanges. There ‘are’ those of us out here that do review the ads and join programs of fellow members. Plus, because viewing is timed before points are given, if your ad page is impressive it has a higher rate of being seen and clicked on.
    –CON: There are always those members that just surf for points so that they can advertise their own ad.
  • Repetition Gets Your Message Read:
    –PRO: One of the best methods to have your promotion read is to use traffic exchanges regularly. Then fellow members will recognize your brand and/or message and think: “Oh, I’ve seen that promotion many times. It must be a good one – I’ll check it out.”
  • Are They Safe?
    –PRO: As mentioned above, there are traffic exchange programs that Do have legitimate and moral owners who run their TEs legitimately. They refuse illegal sites and keep the system monitored. The better traffic exchanges give you options to choose which niche websites that you want to view.–CON: Using the wrong TE can actually hurt your seo ratings if the service is allowing any and every type of website into their system.  Some traffic exchanges do not ban scam/spam websites and thus your computer could be vulnerable to viruses and spyware when opening links to unknown websites. This is one reason Traffic Exchanges hit controversial lists. To be on the safe side, after surfing always clear your device’s history and run your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.It is important to review and test any traffic exchange program that you might consider. Make sure that there truly is a real owner monitoring the ad system. gives a good overview and summary of website businesses. When using Scamadviser realize that you have to use your own judgment and review sites for yourself. For example, TrafficG (link below) is Highly trusted, but has low Alexa ratings, while EasyHits4U shows some risk, but has skyrocketing Alexa ratings and extremely good reviews at I have personally used EasyHits4U for 6 months and have never had any problem.Just like any website, program, product, or person online, you need to be responsible for doing the research yourself and ascertaining the legitimacy of any traffic exchange service.
  • Three Recommended Traffic Exchanges:
    The following traffic exchange sites exhibit the above PRO benefits, have good reputations, good customer services, and good traffic!
    Webmaster Quest

It takes hard work and repetitive efforts to market your online business. To use traffic exchanges, you need to organize your daily routine so that you can spend a certain amount of time to regularly submit your promotions and work with your referrals and new members.

Building a list of referrals with whom I can connect and lead to my online business is one of my tools for online success. Review and  join one or more of the above Traffic Exchanges and make your own decision if they are right for you.

Susan at Active World Online Marketing News & Freelance WriterAbout the Author: Susan Nichols is the editor/publisher of Active World Online Marketing Newsletter providing you with quality content marketing, home-based business solutions, income-generating leads, and free advertising. Join us and receive the 5-part series: “Home Business Building Solutions.”

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This Week’s Spotlight Recipient:
Congratulations Carolyn!

Are You Tired of the High Cost of Cable or Satellite TV? Break The Chain Binding You To  Your TV Service.

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