AWNews 08-26-15

AWNews 08-26-15

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Active World Online Marketing NewsIn This Week’s Edition:

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AWNews 08-26-15
Hi Fellow Marketer,

Today we greet our new subscribers and we Thank You for joining us. Also, to our long-term members we thank you for being a part of our Active World. We hope all of you are having a great and successful week.

In the feature article below we discuss Great ways to build your website traffic and improve your search engine ratings. Today’s topic is something that is sometimes over looked, but that can add tons of traffic for your online business! Keep reading… just a couple of lines down from here.

Success to You!,

P.S. And now to today’s article…

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Great Ways to Increase Traffic and Ratings Using Image SEO

Image SEO Increases Search Engine Rankings & TrafficImage SEO is more important than you might know and should not be overlooked. It can generate tons of traffic for your website from image-based search engines.

Search engines not only index the text on your website pages, they also search the keywords within the file names of your images plus the keywords in the ALT tags. Just as it is crucial to create descriptive keywords for your text, it is imperative to spend the proper time on relevant keywords for image file names and ALT tag descriptions.

How to Use Image SEO for Your File Names

SEO Image Example of ALT text for an Ergonomic Computer ChairTo give you an example of using image SEO for image file names, let’s say that you own an online furniture store. You have listed the chair image (shown to your left) within the category of Ergonomic Computer Chairs.

Now you are ready to name your image file. You’re in a hurry and name it: “blackchair.jpg”– but wait a minute! That file name is not descriptive enough and would not give the search engines what they need. However, using a keyword-rich file name like:
would dramatically improve your image SEO, increase your website page rank, and thus lead more customers to your online store = more profits!

How to Use Image SEO for Your ALT Tags

If you are not familiar with image ALT tags, the term relates to the alternate text for an image. In most browsers you can hover your cursor over a graphic and you will view a line of text. That is the alternate text for that image.

If the graphic does not load properly on the website page, or in an email, the alternate text tag assists customers in distinguishing what should be there, rather than their seeing a blank space. Another important reason to use alternate text is to assist the search engines in defining the graphic. Search engines can not ‘see’ the chair in the above graphic, so you must help them by writing a keyword-rich Alternate Text Tag description.

Using the above chair image as an example, the basic form of the source code ALT tag looks like:
alt tag example for Image SEO on website pages
Giving relevant alternate text will add image SEO value to your website. This method assists the search engines in associating essential keywords with both your images and your website page’s content.

More Tips for Higher Ranking with Image SEO

  • Always use descriptive words that are relevant to the image and the page content.
  • When you have decorative images, don’t use alt tags because the search engines could penalize you for over-optimization. If you use large decorative wallpaper-style backgrounds, use your design program to reduce them as small as possible. Wallpaper backgrounds can be extremely large, thus slowing loading time and leading to loss of customers.
  • When you want to decrease the size of a large graphic, do not shrink the dimensions within the source code. Instead, use your design software to resize your graphic. Manually changing the source code height and width will increase your page load time because the larger graphic is still associated.
  • Use your website analytics to research relevant keywords and terms. You can review the key terms and phrases that have been entered by previous visitors, thus calculating which ones perform the best.
  • Don’t over-optimize with keyword stuffing. Just as you can be penalized for using “too many” keywords in your content, the same applies to the alternate text tags.
  • Instead of the standard format to run a search, in Google for example, enter your keywords and then go straight to Google Images. This method is often used, thus making it essential that you properly implement image marketing.
  • Create different alternative text descriptions and file names for each image. Don’t use the same text so that you won’t be penalized for duplication.

Spending time on using relevant keywords in your image file names and ALT tags will bring you the reward of improved search engine rankings and quality traffic.

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