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August 19, 2015 – Edition 643

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A home-based business is one of the most rewarding ventures in which you can embark. At Active World Newsletter it is our purpose to assist you with

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Active World Online Marketing NewsIn This Week’s Edition:

Active World Online Marketing NewsletterEditor Chat

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Today’s feature article will give you insights and instructions to use the Google Search Console. This system is an Amazing way to check numerous parameters of your website. In learning both what you are doing right, as well as what you need to improve, you will benefit from incorporating this tool with your regular website maintenance.

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Feature ArticleFeatured Article

Search Traffic Analysis Solutions Lead to Your Success!
by Susan Nichols,

We are all aware of the ever-changing search engines in their updating, improving algorithms, and inventing new ways of… should I say it? “Stressing Everyone!” Many business owners experience variations in their search traffic analysis and rankings, some good and some not as good.

If you are concerned about the continual changes, you can determine the search traffic analysis of your website through Google’s Search Console.

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Susan at Active World Online Marketing News & Freelance WriterAbout the Author: Susan Nichols is the editor/publisher of Active World Online Marketing Newsletter providing you with quality content marketing, home-based business strategies, original articles, income-generating leads, and free advertising. Susan will also assist you with original article writing, ad copy writing, editing, and proofreading at her writing services.

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