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Greetings Fellow Marketer,

Every day is a new day for your home business.We hope the week is going well for you.

In today’s article, we are discussing how to bring traffic “to you” rather than having to hunt for visitors. Some of the techniques will be familiar to you and hopefully, there will be some that will be new and assist you in your daily work building your success.

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Headline NewsFeatured Article

10 Strategies that ‘Pull In’ the Traffic You Crave
by Susan Nichols,

The writing of this article was on August 5. In 1914, August the 5th was the day of the initial installation of the electric traffic light in Cleveland, Ohio USA, designed by Lester Wire, a policeman in Salt Lake City USA. This first use of electricity for the moving and stopping of traffic had only red and green, without the smooth transition of the middle yellow light. When the yellow light was added, vehicles moved more efficiently and less accidents occurred.

In comparison, online traffic has 3 speeds:
1. No traffic
2. Intermediate Movement
3. Flowing Smoothly and Continually

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Susan at Active World Online Marketing News & Freelance Writer
About the Author:
Susan Nichols is the editor/publisher of Active World Online Marketing News providing you with quality content marketing, home-based business strategies, original articles, income-generating leads, and free advertising. Susan will also assist you with original article writing, ad copy writing, editing, and proofreading at her writing services.

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