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Ezine Publishing - Newsletter PublishingEditor’s Special of the Week

Greetings Fellow Entrepreneur,

Having a home business is a very rewarding experience.
Hard work? Definitely!
Difficult at times? Absolutely!
What makes it rewarding? Working with members like you!

Today is a “Good” day for me. I am happy to be here with you, continuing my goal to serve you with essential information and resources for your daily travels online. Thank you for reading today and for being a member of our team at Active World.

To Your Success,
–Susan Nichols

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Spotlight Business Opportunity

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Directories to use for SEOFeatured Online Marketing Article

Which Web Directories Should I Submit My Website To?
By Jeff Millett

The web has become a crucial medium for businesses to grow their businesses and increase their profits. In order to increase traffic to your website and grow your business, you should aim to submit your website to the right kind of directories. In order to get maximum SEO benefit, you should submit your website to three types of directories:

Paid Web Directories
Since only legitimate businesses that are willing to spend money will have their websites in these directories, it makes them a higher quality submission. Some examples of quality sites to consider submitting to are DirJournal, Yahoo Directory, Canny Link, etc. It’s believed that search engines like Google rank paid directories just a bit higher for SEO purposes because of the editorial review process of these sites and the presence of other high-quality sites. When possible it is always best to avoid submitting your website somewhere where spammy sites are present. Because of this it is advantages of you to submit your business to paid directories due to the fact that the fees themselves turn-away lower quality websites or web-based businesses. This also results in fewer submissions which makes your new listing more valuable.

If you have decided to submit your website to paid directories, look for directories that follow a review standard, who don’t take in every website that’s submitted. Take some time to review where your submitting your site, look at the quality of the other sites in the directory to get a better idea of the quality of the review process.

High Domain Authority Sites
PageRank was once a good indicator of a website’s quality, but it is no longer so. Now Google is giving more weight to Domain Authority (DA) in ranking a websites overall quality. DA is the score given to a website based on the number of unique root domain links and can be checked through MOZ. A high DA is a reliable sign of its quality and its SEO value for your website.

You should aim to submit your website to directories with high domain authority. For the best result, and for the best use of your time and money, aim for directories with a Domain Authority of 35 or above.

High Profile Directories
Whether they are free or require a fee, you should always submit your website to high profile directories like YellowPages,, Better Business Bureau, etc. These sites attract lots of traffic and search engines like Google recognize these sites as Authority Sites in the Business Directory arena.

It’s understood as well, that High Profile sites like the one’s listed above are legitimate places where most businesses are likely to acquire a listing. If search engines end goal is to provide results for users that list ‘real’ businesses than they’d expect you to submit to these website – so you should.

Getting The Best Results
There are lots of ways to submit your url to these directories. You can do it yourself or you can have one of your employees do it for you. Ether way, it’s important that you are doing on a regular basis for the best over all results.

Jeff Millett –
SEO Consultant

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Inspiration from the BibleInsights & Attitude Builders

“And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” James 3:18 The Bible – For a Bible verse each day, visit BibleGateway

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