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Today we have a visiting author, Hugh Benjamin, discussing the importance of creating a distinctive brand for your business. Be sure to read his suggestions for using your brand to create more customers.

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Branding LogoDraw in More Customers by Creating a Distinctive Brand
By Hugh Benjamin

It takes a lot of hard work for small businesses to generate a consistent flow of revenue. It's critical that you know exactly where to exert all of your time and energy. A lot of small brands focus their efforts in all the wrong areas, burning out their cash and themselves. If you really want to pick up sales, then you need to invest heavily in online reputation management, search engine optimization and social media management services. An Internet marketing agency can bundle this all into one neat package for you.

The great thing about online reputation management is that it allows you to build up a name for your brand. You're no longer just a company or a logo. People begin to identify you with your core message, initiatives and marketing. The brands customers remember the most are those that are distinctive. As with anything in business, you need to make sure your company stands out from competitors - otherwise, you risk being lost in the sea of other businesses just like yours.

So what do you have to do to make your brand unique? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

Become Innovative

You won't get far in any industry thinking within the status quo. You need to think outside of the box and come up with innovative ways to operate in your industry. If you can't make a product or service that's different, then try making your delivery unique. Restaurant owners can easily switch up their ingredients and side orders, but what about companies like Amazon? They did a great job of setting themselves apart, just by adding features like Prime 2-day shipping. Think of ways you can soar above your competition - maybe it's a price drop or great deal no one is offering.

Choose Logo and Website Colors Strategically

Logos are still key for helping consumers identify your brand. You need to have a logo that people can recognize and place this on all of your social media networks, websites and marketing collateral. The colors you choose for the logo should accurately reflect your brand. The same goes with your website. Look into color psychology and what the different colors mean.

Invest in Search Engine Optimization

What do people find when they search for your brand name on Google? If your content isn't on the first page, then you're leaving your image at the mercy of others. This is a problem some brands face when dealing with negative reviews. Online reputation management services can be used to help push down irrelevant content and push yours up to the front and center in the SERPs.

I Think an Idea is a leading, full service internet marketing agency. I Think an Idea works with serious business owners small to large alike. Based out of Los Angeles, CA providing great results for services such as SEO, social media marketing, Online reputation management and PPC management. I Think an Idea can maximize your search engine presence and amplify your brand across social media channels, and help safeguard your reputation.

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