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Today we will take a detour from our Copy Writing Series. Following are some quick-tip summary points  for engaging your audience.

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Engage Your AudienceQuick Tips to Engage Your Audience

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Engaging your audience of potential customers is an essential step in building a successful online business. There are more distractions than ever in today's digital battle for winning the reader's time and leading him/her to purchase. You only have seconds to grab a reader's attention. There are two initial steps that are imperative to convince and capture a potential customer and subscriber: the Headline and the Content. Following are some tips for writing your headlines and content:

What is the Purpose of Your Ad?

Are you trying to gain subscribers, increase your traffic, sell a product, and/or give away a product? What is the PURPOSE of your ad? If you are trying to make an income with your online business your ad needs to entice the reader to "Act, Click, & Purchase." If you are seeking new subscribers for your list, then your message must demand Action for the reader to "Act, Click, & Subscribe."

Engage Your Audience with Your Headline, Title, and Content

Your headline or title is the first step toward persuading the reader to respond. Since you only have those few seconds to obtain a reader's attention, with a successful title you will have the opportunity of turning a visitor into a Buyer and/or Subscriber/Member.

If your ad will be used as a solo ad or email ad, then the inbox Subject Line Title is crucial to engage him or her to Open your ad. A major component to accomplish this is to Appeal to his or her Needs. Use words that target what the reader wants.

Always include essential keywords relevant to your niche.
Resources for Your Headline Writing are:

Content Idea Generators: These generators allow you to input words or phrases and then they randomly generate topics that may be useful to you:

It's All About the Reader

The highest subject in your message is the reader, your most important online asset! Focus on her or him, not on yourself. Write to and about the reader, not about yourself. Use the word 'you' instead of 'I' because the message is for the reader. This definitely will show that your interest is in his/her success.

Customer happiness and your caring about them should be at the top of your priority list. Whether they are paying customers or free ones, helping your readers achieve success is truly rewarding.

For even more detailed information regarding headlines, titles, and content, review the Active World Article Directory.

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