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AWNews 02-11-16 Active World Cyber Cafe & Online Marketing NewsIn This Week's Edition:

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Bytes of InfoHi Wonderful Members,

To all of you who read our newsletter, we Thank You. It is so good to have you onboard with us as we travel through new adventures and gain knowledge online.

Today I have information for you regarding your online marketing writing skills. Bill and I serve online marketers through Active World Writing Services, as well as through It is important to us to share with you some essential points that can assist you in writing your blog posts, website content, articles, and ad copy.

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Syntax Does Matter.Should Syntax Matter to an Online Marketer?

Whether you are writing a blog post, a short ad, or an e-book, syntax does matter. If you are not familiar with the word syntax, it is "the study of the rules and patterns for the formation of grammatical sentences in a language."

Which Writing Style Should You Use for Online Marketing?

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Susan at Active World Online Marketing NewsHave a Wonderful week,
Susan Nichols

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